Memorable and available domain names for your new blog

Before you start your new blog, find the right domain name – check out the short and memorable domains available at meNames.

You’re starting a new blog. A new adventure. To maximise on your new venture, make sure you have a dynamic domain name.

Choose a short domain for your blog

You’ll want to choose a domain name that as short as possible. The longer the name, the more likely it is that your target audience will struggle to find you. Whether it be because they have forgotten what to type into a web browser (multiple words or phrases will be more difficult to remember), because of a typo or spelling error somewhere along the way, or because the use of punctuation like hyphens which could add an extra barrier when misplaced.

Choose a single-word or two-word domain name and spell it correctly

meNames specialises in short single-word or two-word domains. Our philosophy is that your target audience is more likely to find you online if the word(s) in your domain are spelled correctly, as according to the English language. We provide predominantly single word domains wherever possible, giving you the best chance of success and followers.

Available domain names for bloggers and writers

You might want to consider some of our short and available single-word domain names for your blog – ideal for bloggers, writers and media.

The .me extension could offer an additional benefit if considered short for ‘media’.

Other domain names which could suit your blog

If you’re looking for a domain name for your blog which is a little more out of the ordinary, here is a selection of meNames domain names which could spark your imagination.

Why not check out the wide variety of domain names available at meNames.  A variety of names for a variety of blogs – from general writing, to food, to animals, and the environment.


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