Memorable and available domains for the holiday industry

At some point or other, everyone needs a holiday.

As the pace of life increases, so too does our need for a break from the fray. Whether the destination is a warm, deserted beach in some exotic location or a city break in your home country (a change is as good as a rest!) it’s good to recharge your batteries.

Escaping the busyness of life is a desirable activity. Having said that, even the planning and the daydreaming of escaping gives people hope on cold winter nights and Blue Monday. Perhaps you in the leisure and tourism industry, giving hope to the tired and weary? If so, a MeNames domain name could be perfect for your business!

Ideal domains for the holiday industry

MeNames memorable names has a range of available domain names geared towards travel agents. With;; and, there are some great options up for grabs.

For businesses focussed on accommodation, you might be more interested in or

For more activity-based adventure trips, might be just the ticket for companies offering walking or hiking.

We’ve also got some of the logistics of airport travel covered too. could be perfect for a business or grouo specialising in providing airport parking services.

Why should the holiday providers choose MeNames?

MeNames specialises in memorable, uncomplicated domain names. These are names which are easy to remember and quick to type into a web browser. Many of our domains are short and to the point. This is great for helping your customers to find you easily and to get that dream holiday booked!

In addition to the featured domains, a wide range of other domains are available, starting from 4-letters up.

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