Memorable UK place names available as domain names

MeNames has several UK town and city names available for rent or buyout.

A place name domain can be used for a wide range of uses. It could be used for tourist information; a hub for events and ‘What’s On’ in the local area; local businesses listings; or news and travel information. In fact, they are so versatile, they can be used for almost any purpose for the named location – the sky is really the limit!

What UK towns and cities are available as place name domains at meNames?

Place name domains are available for locations in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

What about more general names for tourism and going places?

If your business is in going places rather than being fixed to a single town or city, you may be interested in domain names like or Also, check out our recent blog on domain names for businesses in the holiday industry.

Why choose meNames for your place name domain?

meNames place name domains are simply that – place names alone without any other words or phrases to complicate the domain name. This is great for the general public to find your site as it easy to remember the domain name and so it increases the likelihood of people finding you. Starting at 4 letters and up, a meNames place name domain could be ideal for your business or enterprise.

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